City of High Point

Municipal Office Building

City Council Chambers 

December 14, 2021

6:00 p.m.


Call to Order


Approval of Minutes


November 9, 2021 Planning and Zoning Commission Regular Meeting


Public Hearing Items


Todd Fuentes, Zoning Map Amendment 21-30

A request by Todd Fuentes to rezone approximately 9.5 acres from the Employment Center (EC) District to the Residential Single Family – 5 (R-5) District. The site is located approximately 275 feet west of the intersection of Kersey Valley Road and Cecile Farm Road; and south of Addington Road.


Covelli Enterprise, Zoning Map Amendment 21-31

A request by Covelli Enterprise to rezone an approximate 0.9-acre parcel from a Conditional Use General Business (CU-GB) District to a Conditional Zoning General Business (CZ-GB) District. The site is located at the northwest corner of Eastchester Drive and Penny Road (2400 Penny Road).


City of High Point, Zoning Map Amendment 21-32

A request by the High Point City Council to rezone two properties, totaling approximately 18.3 acres, as part of the Comprehensive Zoning Map Amendment project.

a) To rezone an approximate 0.3-acre parcel from the Conditional Use Limited Business (CU-LB) District to the Limited Business (LB) District. The property is located at the northwest corner of Washington Street and N. Hoskins Street (101 N. Hoskins Street).

b) To rezone an approximate 18-acre parcel from the Office Institutional (OI) District and the Residential Single Family – 5 (R-5) District to the Residential Multifamily – 16 (RM-16) District and the Residential Multifamily -5 (RM-5) District. The property is located south of Cedrow Drive and west of the I-74 corridor (southwest of the Cedrow Drive bridge crossing I-74).


City of High Point, Plan Amendment 21-08

Eastchester Drive/I-74 Land Use Assessment (Hilton Ct. and Gordon Ct.) A request to change the future land use classification for approximately 6.5 acres to the Recreation/Open Space Classification and approximately 2.4 acres to the Office land use classification.


City of High Point, Text Amendment 21-06

A request by the Planning and Development Department to amendment Chapter 9 of the Development Ordinance to remove criminal penalties in accordance with Sessions Law 2021-138.


Director's Report