City of High Point

Municipal Office Building

City Council Chambers

August 24, 2021

6:00 p.m.


Call to Order


Approval of Minutes


July 27, 2021 Planning and Zoning Commission Regular Meeting


Public Hearing Items


High Point City Council, Street Name Change 21-02

A request by the High Point City Council to rename Montlieu Avenue, from the N. Centennial Street intersection westward to N. Main Street, to East Qubein Avenue, and crossing that intersection and continuing westward so as to rename that portion of Sunset Avenue to N. Elm Street, to West Qubein Avenue.  


4250 Furniture Avenue LLC, Zoning Map Amendment 21-15

A request by 4250 Furniture Avenue LLC to rezone approximately 4.8 acres from a Conditional Use General Business (CU-GB) District and a Conditional Use Light Industrial (CU-LI) District to a Conditional Zoning General Business (CZ-GB) District.  The site is lying along the north side of Furniture Avenue, approximately 1,250 feet east of Riverdale Drive.


Fitesa High Point Inc., Street Abandonment 21-01

A request by Fitesa High Point Inc. to abandon all of a 60-foot wide unimproved right-of-way lying along the northeastern property line of 200 S. West Point Avenue (Guilford County Tax Parcel 172345).  This unimproved right-of-way runs generally in an east-west direction between the Redding Drive/Ennis Street rights-of-way and 925 Millis Street (Guilford County Tax Parcel 172337).


City of High Point, Zoning Map Amendment 21-16

A request by the High Point City Council to rezone 108 properties, totaling approximately 63.7 acres, as part of the Comprehensive Zoning Map Amendment project. 

a) To rezone 97 properties, totaling approximately 55.6 acres, from the Residential Multifamily - 16 (RM-16) District to the Residential Single Family - 5 (R-5) District.  The properties lie east of Baker Road, along both sides of Nance Avenue, Gain Avenue, and Knightdale Avenue (private drive).

b) To rezone 10 properties, totaling approximately 1.07 acres, from a Conditional Use Residential Multifamily – 16 (CU RM-16 District) to the Residential Multifamily – 16  (RM-16 District).  The properties lie north of the intersection of Belmont Drive and Belmont Court.

c) To rezone a 7-acre parcel from a Conditional Zoning Institutional (CZ-I) District to the Residential Multifamily - 16 (RM-16) District.  The property is located along the east side of Allen Jay Road, approximately 200 feet north of E. Fairfield Road (2759 Allen Jay Road).


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