Westside Wastewater Plant

The Westside WWTP has completed Phases 1 and 2 of a planned three phase upgrade.
Phase 1
In phase 1, the City of High Point built a new PTF (preliminary treatment facility) and a new odor control system.

Phase 2
In phase 2 the City of High Point constructed new sand filters, a new filter building and an effluent pumping station. Two new earthen berms were also built for flood control.
Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant
These upgrades have not affected the Westside plant design/permitted flow of 6.2 MGD (million gallons per day).

Phase 3
The 3rd and most critical phase is currently under way. This includes replacing the activated sludge system with a state of the art 5 phase BNR (biological nutrient removal) system. This will allow the Westside plant to meet or exceed tighter permit limits. This project should be complete by April of 2017.

The goal of the Westside WWTP is to provide for the safety of its employees, maintain regulatory compliance and to protect the natural aquatic environment of the receiving stream.