Environmental Services

Note on Thanksgiving Holiday Collection: Week of 11/22/21

Please note the following changes to garbage, recycling, yard waste and bulk waste collections this week: 

  • Collection days will be Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri (Thurs collection will be pushed to Fri)
  •  ALL front load dumpster services (recycling and garbage) will be delayed but should be completed on Fri.
  •  The Thurs. (11/25) yard waste routes will not occur Friday and will instead be completed on the next regularly scheduled service day which will be 12/2.

Service Provided

The City of High Point collects household waste and bulky items once a week at curbside, although backyard collection is provided for residents with a verified medical disability. Co-mingled recyclables are collected every other week.

About Environmental Services

Our most important partners in protecting the environment are the residents of High Point. We acknowledge and appreciate their role in continuing efforts to provide a safer and more livable community.

Our Mission

The Environmental Services Department provides the customers of High Point with quality, weekly collection of household waste, yard waste and bulky items to ensure a safe and livable community. Co-mingled recyclables are collected every other week.

Our Purpose

  • Provide residential customers weekly collection of household waste, yard waste and bulky items.
  • Educate customers about proper disposal methods of solid waste and encourage them to participate in our recycling program.
  • Protect the environment and sustain the highest quality of life for all the citizens of High Point.

Household Garbage

See Collection Map for your collection day.
See our Collection Schedule for general information and Holiday changes. 
Garbage Pick-Up Guidelines
  • Household garbage is picked up once a week.
  • Customers must use a City-approved roll-out garbage cart.
  • Solid waste collection begins at 7 a.m.
  • Roll out containers which are not out when the truck passes, will not be collected until the next regularly scheduled pickup day.
Garbage Truck

Find electronic recycling locations in High Point, view the 2021 Recycling Collection Calendar find out more about Recycling Cart purchase and collection.

Recycling Pick-Up Guidelines

  • Recyclables will be picked up every other week on your regular garbage collection day.
  • Place your green recycling cart at the curb by 7 a.m. with your garbage cart.
  • The cart handle and wheels should face the house.
  • Carts need to have 3 feet of clearance from all obstructions (other carts, mail boxes, shrubs, etc) and should not be blocked by cars.
Recycling Truck
Welcome to the MRF

Material Recovery Facility

Information about our Material Recover Facility- the recycling center where all materials are processed, can be found here.

Household Hazardous Waste

The City of High Point is committed to providing services that protect our environment in a fiscally responsible manner. A new program has been created to provide for the proper disposal of Household Hazardous Waste. Certain household wastes are not accepted in your roll-out cart, because they can be hazardous to our environment and our collection workers.

More information about dates, procedures and acceptable materials is available here.


The next HHW Event Will be Saturday, November 6, 8a.m.-2p.m.

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