Accessible Transit

All transit routes are served by wheelchair accessible buses. Transit operates 17 low-floor buses with wheelchair ramps and 2 wheelchair securement areas. These buses do not have any steps at the doors (there are two steps halfway down the center aisle behind the rear door.) These buses 'kneel' to lower the bus about 4 inches, making it easier to step into the bus. The ramp has a solid platform and is designed for wheelchair and scooter users and others who use a walker or cane or simply have trouble climbing steps. If you use a wheelchair, scooter or other mobility aid, or can't step up, the driver can deploy the ramp for you. Riding the bus is easy!

Exact Fare Required

Exact fare is required on all Transit routes; drivers cannot make change. If you have a $5, $10, or $20 bill the fare box will not issue you change or a change card.  

Reduced Fare ID Card

If you have a transit system reduced fare identification card for elderly or disabled persons or a valid Medicare Card please have the card and your fare ready when boarding. The card needs to be shown to the driver before depositing the fare. 

See more information on entering/exiting the bus as well as see details pertaining to wheelchairs and scooters.