Multi-Use Stadium Project

Live Look-In on BB&T Point Stadium:

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The City of High Point hosted #DemoDay to celebrate the beginning of the Multi-Use Stadium project. Over 1,000 people were in attendance at the corner of Church and Pine as the City provided t-shirts, pennants, baseballs, hot dogs and cracker jacks. Mayor Bill Bencini made the ceremonial "first pitch" to Mayor-Elect Jay Wagner, and the crowd witnessed the first building in the stadium footprint to be demolished. See the Demo Day sidebar on this page to view pictures and media coverage. 

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High Point Baseball held its second BB&T Point Progress Party on July 12. The fans have voted the top three names and the decision was made to name the team the High Point Rockers!

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The High Point Rockers are excited and honored to have Jamie Keefe, a 16-year veteran Manager of Independent Baseball, and Frank Viola, the 1987 World Series MVP and 1988 Cy Young winner, join our staff for the 2019 season!  Visit for more information.